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Photo50 London Art Fair

Co-curator of ‘Resolution is not the point’ with members of Hemera Collective.

For the 2018 edition of Photo50, the exhibition ‘Resolution is not the point’ featured artists from nine countries, including several collectives working across continents; emphasising the rise of global collaboration within photography. This years edition included works from the following artists:

Pio Abad
Larry Achiampong
David Birkin
Foundland Collective
Qiana Mestrich
Susan Schuppli
Traces of Nitrate (Ignacio Acosta, Louise Purbrick, Xavier Ribas)
James Tylor and Laura Wills
Marie Yates

‘Resolution is not the point.’ reflected the increasing desire to collaborate amongst artists as they push conceptual and technical boundaries of image-making, reaching beyond their own specialisms and drawing on the circulation of images, knowledge, and resources.

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