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Helen Trompeteler is a specialist in photography with eighteen years of experience leading cultural programs and partnerships. Her practice centers on advocating for the civic role of museum collections and historically excluded narratives in photography. Her curatorial work with internationally significant art collections includes the Royal Collection (2016-20) and the National Portrait Gallery, London (2002-16). Further roles include board member of Four Corners (2017-present), the Museums Association Transformers leadership program (2018-2019), and the Josef Breitenbach Research Fellowship at the Center for Creative Photography (2016). Helen lives with her wife in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she writes on photography and works internationally as an advisor to selected artists and non-profit organizations.

Photograph: Marion Post Wolcott, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1941. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection, [LC-USF34-057833-D]