“Visiting the exhibitions that Helen has initiated, shaped and delivered, I have always been struck by the ways in which they engage their visitors. Helen’s practice combines an intellectual rigour with a talent for communicating and engaging audiences with diverse interests and levels of prior knowledge. The most recent exhibitions she has led and collaborated on are among the the very best I have seen – thoughtful, highly original and utterly engaging.”

Professor Richard Sandell, University of Leicester

“I had the great pleasure of working with Helen on exhibits in London and New York. Helen is an insightful and thoughtful curator with a talent for writing imaginatively and authoritatively.  Her creative motivation to seek out and tell new stories about both the unseen and the well-known is a lasting gift to those who partner with her and the appreciative audiences of all ages who engage with her work.”

Leonard Forman, Forman & Partners

“As former colleagues at the National Portrait Gallery, I had the good fortune to work with Helen for more than fifteen years and during that time I came to admire and respect her expertise, enthusiasm, commitment, thoughtfulness and professionalism. A talented and meticulous curator, researcher, writer and museum professional, her track record is exemplary with a succession of outstanding displays, photographic exhibitions and published work to her credit.”

Robin Francis, former Head of Archive & Library, National Portrait Gallery, London

“One of Helen’s strengths is that she always finds the time to help and advise others: whether through special educational visits to galleries, supporting individual photographers and artists, or participating in panel discussions, juries, interviews and events. Through this she has developed strong relationships with individuals and organisations both in the UK and abroad, from all sides of the art and photography community.”

Eleanor Macnair, Photography Communications Consultant

“Thorough.  Precise.  Clear.  Authoritative.  Attentive.  Respectful.  Diplomatic.  Sensitive.  Exacting.  Tenacious.  Energetic.  Magical. Having known Helen professionally and personally for at least 15 years, these and many more descriptions come to mind.  In addition to blending these qualities with an impermeable integrity, Helen has excellent hands-on experience of curating as well as a sound grasp of legal issues we have enjoyed discussing over the years.”

Bernard Horrocks, Intellectual Property Consultant